Sidewalk Repair

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Contacting JC Long Island Masonry & Concrete Design for your sidewalk repair whether you are in Nassau County or Suffolk County is a tremendous option to have when you need work done efficiently, with high quality materials at great prices.


Are you a residential or commercial property owner that needs simple repair work done for minor cracks or do you need a complete sidewalk replacement/installation? 

At JC, we handle all types of inquiries and it is our mission to make this process extremely simple for you.


Have you been issued a sidewalk violation by your town on Long Island? 

Does the driveway on your property happen to be deteriorating or would you simply like an update due to several minor cracks. 

What does sidewalk repair on long island cost and do you need a working permit? We got the answers to your questions like these. 

Without knowing the answers, it can delay repairs which can result in you losing money. 

There is no need to worry, as our long island concrete contractors are here to provide you with the solutions to all concrete repairs, installations and sidewalk violations problems so you can go about your business again with no hassles.