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Family owned and operated construction company conveniently servicing the entire Suffolk County and Nassau County areas on Long Island, NY. JC provides top of the line work and goes above and beyond to deliver extraordinary results for clients. We specialize in the following:

We are happy to learn more about you and the project you have in mind. We are fully licensed and insured, professional, reliable and committed to make your dream project a reality at your convenience with efficiency.

High quality materials with an unmatched work ethic and dedicated team of workers with expert leadership to deliver exactly what you are looking for at great prices! Take a detailed look at the type of work we do and reach out for your free estimate. 

Our Masonry Long Island experts can provide you with the expert consultation you need to take the next step forward for a very successful project.

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We offer options for every preference for our residential and commercial clients located conveniently on Long Island, NY (Nassau & Suffolk County). Custom solutions are provided and we go out of our way to accommodate your needs. 100% complete satisfaction is extremely important to us and is why we’re known as the best masonry contractors long island has to offer.

We highly suggest to do your research on the companies you are looking to choose from before you hire. Long term results with highly durable materials for a long lasting impression on the eye is what you receive when you choose us as your mason in long island.

Are you ready to get started? Do not hesitate to reach out to us so you can be fully informed and make the best decision moving forward for you and your home. 

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Stoops & Steps

If you are looking for long island concrete that is a very viable option to all in need of repairs for their driveway, walkway, sidewalk, garage and more. We also provide top of the line masonry long island services to those who inquire. Our men are strong willed and skilled as it pertains to the best concrete installation and repair work being done on your home or commercial property. 

We use high grade materials that will ensure you with the long term results we know you are looking for. For over 20 years our clients have been very satisfied with the long island masonry contractors they choose in JC. It is our mission to continue to deliver the best of the best work at the best rates humanly possible for all of our local residents in the Suffolk County and Nassau County areas on Long Island, NY. Let’s get you started with free pricing so you can take the next step forward in your process.

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Choosing the best long island masonry contractors in your area can be made very simple. Take a browse throughout our website and see the high-level quality work we do for our customers in the local area. We go above and beyond and our attention to detail is unmatched. The custom brick work options we provide with our pavers installation, outdoor living spaces, fire pits, retaining walls, chimneys throughout your driveway, walkway, patio and pool scapes will be a major game-changer for you and your household. 

We improve the quality of living and bring an aspect of luxury to your home at very affordable rates here on the Long Island, NY area. We look forward to helping the next customer that inquires about our masonry long island services.

We use our extensive experience in landscape construction to create functional landscapes that feature the right elements for your sidewalks, patios, fire pits, water features, and outdoor kitchens.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

JC is your Suffolk County long island masonry company that brings the best work at the best rates. Simply put, the possibilities and options we offer with the high quality laborers we have cannot be compared when matched up with any other masonry company long island

We bring enormous value to our customers and are happy to offer fast and free estimates. We will gladly come by at your convenience to take a look and go over the potential project you are looking for assistance with.

We highly suggest that you take the time to detail out your dream project with the best masons long island to be sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for. The key ingredient to look for is if the mason contractors in your area you choose will go above for you. 

There is no doubt that when you choose JC, you shall expect nothing less.

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We specialize in all phases of exterior construction with installations, replacements and masonry repair long island throughout your entire outdoor living spaces, driveway, walkway, sidewalk and more. We will handle all of your needs and give you a great price for the work you want. We make sure that our customers are on the same page with us from point A to point Z. Each part and detail throughout the process is extremely important. We always show up on time and are ready to deliver on a beautiful and excellent project. 

How soon would you like to get started? Do you have any questions for us or would like some form of assistance for your decision making process? We are here and happy to help those in need of masonry contractor long island services immediately. Call us now to get started.

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Stamped Concrete

It’s imperative to have highly skilled professionals on the job at all times. Our owners are always on site to ensure a smooth job is always being done and will be happy to answer your questions and stay with you throughout the process of the job. Any questions or comments you may have is very important to us here at JC. Our experience, professionalism, reliability and commitment to excellence here is second to none and we are extremely delighted to see how we may be of service to you.

Whether you have a large, mid-size or small job that you’d like for your home, we are the guys to call. Let’s get you set up today with an estimate so we can guide in the right direction moving forward. Hit the click to call button below or fill out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Retaining Walls

There are many advantages in having a retaining wall for your home. It helps in managing water drainage, ground slopes, controlling erosion issues. We are the leaders in masonry repair, with the experience and skills to help you construct retaining walls to protect and improve your property with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We construct the walls using natural stone, which delivers a distinct border to the parts of your landscape where you need it the most. Whether you want a retaining wall for its functionality or aesthetic value, it’s important to have the job done by a professional mason like in JC.

Our professional installation service is available for commercial and residential properties, and we work with different materials, including Manufactured Stone, Natural Stone, Concrete Blocks, Landscaping Ties, Railroad Ties.

All of these come with different color options, which is important as you want to install the matching theme throughout your property. Our team will explore your property to inspect your design and advice on design aesthetics and color choice. 

In addition to our installation, we will also provide consultation on the placement of your retaining walls, and advise you on how you can incorporate drainage solutions into the draining wall to enhance functionality and save space.

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Contacting us to be your mason contractors long island if you need driveway installation, repairs or replacements. It is an excellent choice especially when considering your budget and the quality of work. It is important to incorporate both elements into your decision making process as both are 100% equal! Your driveway plays a big role in passing the eye test for your property’s landscape. It starts from the streets and runs all the way to your garage. It plays a major part in the arrival experience, so it should look pleasant to make your arrivals memorable and pleasant. For concrete, asphalt or pavers driveway installation, we suggest in hiring the best masonry contractors long island without a doubt. We offer a myriad of driveway designs that will make the best first impression. Our experts apply stamped concrete to an existing slab on, hereby using patterns using stamp mats. Picking from the following, including herringbone, block, ashlar, natural stone, fan, and more. We further enhance the stamped patterns by adding concrete stains, especially for natural stone patterns like cobblestone, flagstone, and slate.  If you need driveway installation, masonry repair long island refinishing, replacements or resurfacing, contact JC Long Island Masonry & Concrete Design at 631-430-4712.

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High quality masons long island requires strength from laborers but more importantly the knowledge and chemistry from a team aspect as well as the experience to complete jobs at a high level. In the counties like Nassau and Suffolk, masonry work is considered one of the oldest forms of construction that is extremely reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Through our professional masonry services, we specialize in all forms of styles from stucco to brickwork, block work, stone work, cement and asphalt in order to deliver and cater to a wide range of preferences for our clients on Long Island.

As one of the most trusted licensed mason contractors long island, our work is top of the line and dealing with us is very easy, not to much mention our pricing is more affordable than our competition.

We work with all sorts of materials for masonry construction, bringing excellent service in Long Island, NY. Our team focuses on providing optimal value for our work, bringing the expertise required to provide a high quality and customized look that enhances your property and an unmatched experience when choosing JC.

We ensure affordable prices for all our services. Our main prerogative as a team is to provide credible results to meet your needs. If you want to discuss your project, call us and we will review your interests, wishes and requirements and advise you on how to best implement your ideas. We like to offer you a detailed and informative consultation which is complimentary, of course; so you can be informed and empowered to make the best decision moving forward. Want to learn more about us and what we do? Read our blog to get more content, creative ideas and educate yourself!